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So … what about this mess of techno finery ?

This is my personal log of … well … crap … or interesting IT related items that I want to write down so I won’t forget it when I need to do it again. I am not selling anything or “monetizing” my writing efforts, nor do I seek any fame or fortune from these humble words. And as you have undoubtedly determined, my design skills are … well …. a bit lacking to say the least =-) . (Thank the heavens I can code the backend, know networking, and DevOps or I would be in the hurt locker for sure ha ha =-) ) . The layout of this blog is pretty much the way I like my architecture and code - simple and effective. But with everything I could possibly need.

Weekly posts about Java Functional Reactive Programming, Phoenix, Elixir, and DevOps.

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About This Blog

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