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I have been wanting to see how well java has taken to heart the paradigm of functional programming so I have to decided to recreate my version of the iconic “Java Pet Clinic” in Spring React. Why not a React version of a pet clinic you ask ? Seriously ? Well …. I think that horse has been beaten enough already, ya’ know ? :-) Realistically, instead of creating the simple scheduling and patient records of a pet clinic I can extend my development into considerably more areas of a business. More areas == more opportunity to use more technology. In reality, after seeing the code and the process of piping a function into another function, I was instantly hooked on Spring React technology. Using streams only fueled my excitement.

The React Horse Institute is a fictional stable with a staff, a side business of brokering horses for horse trading, and of course offering lessons for aspiring equestriennes and equestrianes. As such I can venture into creating modules dealing with employees, payments, scheduling of training assets, asset management, currency conversion, and just about anything else that a business would want. Because these functions could be useful in other scenarios they are ideal candidates for a microservice architecture. Because this is a greenfield personal project I will also be using the latest and greatest frameworks, libraries, and technologies. No legacy code or business constraints here !

tldr; I will create a microservices project in Spring React to see just how effective Java Functional Reactive Programming is as compared to the functional languages of Erlang/Elixir/Phoenix.

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