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I am a software developer who lives just north of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States that is interested in a wide variety of web development technologies. These interests include networking, Dev Ops, Java React, functional programming in general, Erlang, Elixir, Phoenix, Vue, Bulma, and webpack, as well as the usual givens of HTML and CSS. I have always seen the web as a system and so I have tried to learn the many aspects of that system - both the coding aspects as well as the infrastructure aspects. I have worked as a Systems Administrator, DevOps Lead, and a Development Lead.

The basic truth is that I love to create things. And learn. And solve problems. To work towards a result and then see it manifested on the screen. And yah - I still get a kick out of seeing that “Hello World” pop up when first learning a new language or to have a deployment script actually run that compiles, tests, commits to a repo and then deploys files from my work box to a hosted server somewhere else with a source code repository on a third server. To me it’s really cool - even after all these years in the business.

I have transitioned from a full-time competitive runner to a some-time triathlete (oh the swim - how I hate swimming workouts aaaaahhhggggg), which is way kinder on my knees. I have completed one triathlon and expect to compete in many more. I like working with wood and doing the many home improvement projects that come up. We are enthuisiastic do-it-yourselfers around here. I get a lot of satisfaction from building a patio, doing carpentry, or putting in a laminate floor as opposed to paying others to do it.

I am also a family man blessed with a wonderful wife and two amazing daughters. The best of times are definitely the times spent with my family. We like to walk on the local trails, swim outside during the hot Georgia summers, hike with our dogs (we have 3 - two Huskies and a herder), or play in the (rare) snow during winter. Two cats and a hamster round out the family as well as a variety of fish in our outside ponds.

Weekly posts about Java Functional Reactive Programming, Phoenix, Elixir, and DevOps.

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